English Yoga Class

Every Thursday at 18:00

led by Muara Sun

(please check the schedule 2 hours before you arrive at class to make sure it is on)



How to Register?


Before coming to the first lesson, please read the following instructions

(at the bottom of this page, you will find a link to the registration form):


* This class is not suitable for beginners.


* Fee: 75 NIS (You can pay upon arrival)


* It is recommended to bring your yoga mat, but you can use our mats if needed.


* it is also recommended to arrive 20 minutes before the start of the class to register for the class and when you arrive, mention that this is your first time 🙂


* Please avoid eating two hours before class


* It is important! Scooters and bicycles cannot be tied up in our yard or brought into our center. They must stay at street level, thanks for understanding 🙂


* We are sorry, but our Hebrew classes are intended for fluent Hebrew speakers only


Please note: the class starts on time!
In order not to disturb the class and the other practitioners, it is not possible to enter the class late.


* Dress code:

Please arrive in non-revealing clothing. Avoid:

1. Belly shirts

2. Tank tops that are open on the sides

3. Loose pants that are too short (can be short as long as they are tight)

4. Tights without full underwear underneath

5. Sports top only

This dress code, formulated based on many years of experience in running yoga and meditation centers, is designed to minimize distractions.

All students are requested to respect and apply it strictly.


our center is located at 52 Hovevei Zion Street, Tel Aviv

To the left of the residential building, there is a green gate leading to the stairs to the backyard of the building, we are there.

For any questions, you can contact us via WhatsApp – 050-5854646



*Fill out the registration form here >> (please click)

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