Shakti Mhi and Joseph Pepe Danza are coming to Tel Aviv, and you don't want to miss it.

On July 1st, Prana Yoga College International is opening its new Yoga Center in Tel Aviv. Shakti and Pepe, originally from Vancouver, Canada, are active around the world, training new Yoga teachers, holding classes and retreats.

The classes of Prana Yoga College are unique, and held by Shakti and Pepe:sp2

Hatha Yoga – with Shakti (1:30 hours class)

Classic Hatha yoga in a meditative flow with emphasis on breathing. Open to all levels.


Entrainment Yoga – with Shakti & Pepe (2 hours class)

Entrainment Yoga is a creation of Pepe Danza and Shakti Mhi. The created 7 yoga flows that awakens a balance the 7 Chakras.

The flows are very precise and meditative. Each movement synchronises with a breath and together they form a pranic dance where stillness and motion unite. Each flow has unique music that composed by Pepe Danza that vibrates the specific chakra and heals the physical body. Following each flow with precision increases concentrations and keeps the mind and the body in the ‘here and now’.

The powerful effect of the each of the 7 flows is felt immediately in elevation of energy in the body and sensation of peace tranquility, openness and lightness.

* For yogis with experience


Zen Meditation – with Shakti & Pepe (1:30 hours class)

To know what you are, find out what you are not. Zen – a gateway to freedom, where knowing replaces understanding and where both past and future merge into the moment.The class consists two session of 30 minutes of Zazen (sitting mediation) with live shakuh
achi (Japanese flute) music played by Joseph Pepe Danza. In between the sitting there is Kinhin – walking mediation. Classes are for all levels with time for questions.


Yoga Experience – with Shakti & Pepe (1:45 hours class)

Hatha yoga flow taught by Shakti Mhi with live healing music by Pepe Danza using Crystal and Tibetan Bowls, Gongs,  Shakuhachi Zen Flute,  string instruments, chants and mantras from many sacred traditions.


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